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Our Newest Imprint

We are proud to publish the first book of our new imprint, BeijaFlor Books, dedicated to

"creative journeys:"

Write Free

Write Free:

Attracting the Creative Life


Rebecca Lawton


Jordan E. Rosenfeld

"Whether you're an aspiring writer or a published author, this timeless, gracefully written book will go a long way in helping you get the recognition and rewards you deserve."

       Michael Larsen, agent,

       Larsen-Pomada Literary Agents,

       and author of How to Write a Book Proposal


"A place is not a place until it has a poet."

                                           Wallace Stegner


Our 2009 "Sense of Place" Contest Winner!

Folsom Lockdown

 by Melinda Palacio

Chosen for its high poetic quality, courageous and consistent voice, the way it developed a sense of place through the poet's family experiences and relationships, and the depth of feeling and strong sense of the person behind the words.

"Folsom Lockdown is that rare literary song that jars the heart, the memories, the pains, as well as what's good in all of us."

Luis J. Rodriguez,

Founder/Editor of Tia Chucha Press



Kulupi Press Bestsellers

Twelve Walks in the Valley of the Moon
On Foot in Sonoma:
Twelve Walks in the Valley of the Moon

by Arthur Dawson and
Rebecca Lawton
Sonoma Valle Place Names


The Body We Gather

2006 Winner
Poetry Chapbook Contest

The Body We Gather

Poems by
Joel Friederich

"Refracted through a traveler’s prism, Friedrich's poems travel deep into whole continents of human experience, drawing them with a rare freshness and clarity. This is the work of a gifted poet."

                             Arthur Dawson, author & publisher


2007 Winner

Sense of Place


The Harp-Boat

The Harp-Boat

poems by Kate Chadbourne

"Kate Chadbourne's lively, intelligent poetry is attractively musical, a feast of pleasure and meaning for any reader."

                                    Kate Barnes

                                    Maine Poet Laureate Emerita

More Kulupi Press

publications at our bookstore:


This Dark Land Where I Live

by John Noland


2005 Chapbook contest


Creek Wisdom:

An Ecological History of Sonoma Valley

as told by local elders


Front Nine:

a biography of place

by Rikki Santer


Where Oaks Play Catch

with the Sun:

Poems & Art by the Children of Sonoma Valley