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Photo by Robbi Pengelly, Sonoma index-Tribune, 2004

Rebecca Lawton, editor of Kulupi Press, explores the world through journey and journal.  Her essays and stories about wild rivers and other earthly wonders have been collected in Reading Water:  Lessons from the River (Capital Books).  Rebecca leads workshops about deep nature writing and is co-author with Jordan Rosenfeld of Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life.   Visit her online at

Arthur Dawson is an award-winning poet, author, and teacher of creative writing, as well as the founder and publisher of Kulupi Press.  His most recent collections of poetry are Saying this Place Right: Poems of Landscape and Language (available from Finishing Line Press),

and Western Scenes from Chinese Characters from DPress (available soon on this website). He also leads an historical ecology research program in Sonoma Valley, California, which traces land-use changes in his home watershed through the accounts of elders and historical records.